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Kirsty Inglis


Kirsty’s unique approach to healing blends somatic therapy with shamanic practice. Kirsty firmly believes that the human body knows exactly what it needs to do to restore itself to balance and optimal health. Kirsty supports her clients in connecting to their innate wisdom so that they can remember how to recognize and act upon the cues from their body. Through this process clients create the internal environment that they need to achieve their health goals and, in doing so, become their own best healers. This approach is also hugely nourishing for people on a personal growth path who are seeking to expand their spiritual repertoire


After an early career working as an economist Kirsty became severely disabled as a result of late stage Lyme disease. Her descent into disability left her non-functional as a human being. After finding that Western medicine was unable to help, she slowly – and somewhat reluctantly – opened up to a broader understanding of what medicine truly is. She started replacing pharmaceuticals with plant-based medicines and later she learned to act upon the internal messaging she was receiving about what her body needed to heal itself. Supported by a wonderful team of medical and alternative practitioners she underwent a miraculous transformation. From being bedbound and severely cognitively impaired, Kirsty became 100% well and medication-free within two years. In this time Kirsty learned not only how to heal herself but also how to guide others through their own healing


Since her remarkable recovery, Kirsty’s knowledge has been strengthened by working with traditional healers in Latin and North America and through quiet contemplation and connection to nature


Kirsty works with individuals and groups to foster physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Kirsty has a varied range of clients – from those looking for something more from their lives to people living with significant health challenges

Many of Kirsty’s clients are children and adults who are experiencing complex chronic illness. Her client's conditions include: late stage Lyme disease, chronic fatigue (ME), multiple sclerosis, autism, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, addictions and substance misuse problems, people who have experienced abuse or intergenerational trauma, people with depression and mental health problems. Kirsty also works with a large number of military veterans experiencing PTSD and related conditions

An Introduction to shamanic practice


Shamanic practice means a lot of different things and varies widely between practitioners. In essence it provides a way for you to harness your body’s wisdom and to deeply connect with your intuitive knowledge about what you need to do to live in a way that feels good to you. If you are actively engaged in the management of your health but you have not yet achieved your health goals, you may find that shamanic practice is a beautiful addition to your existing healthcare regime. This approach may be particularly helpful if you:

  • Are looking for a strengths-based approach to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellness that does not focus on diagnoses
  • Would like to create new habits and behaviours that will help you to thrive
  • Are contemplating a new direction or major life transition, including for those approaching the end of life

Kirsty’s unique approach, with its strong somatic focus, speaks directly to the importance of people taking ownership of their own journey and creating supportive teams of Western and alternative healthcare providers to help guide them on their path to total wellness


Individual healing sessions


Depending on your needs, an individual session with Kirsty may:

  • Work directly with your body’s bioelectrical system to identify, heal and release anything – including unexpressed emotions or trauma – that may be distracting your body from functioning optimally
  • Teach you how to connect with your internal compass to identify and release the pyscho-emotional roots of ill health 

The goal is to harness your innate wisdom to align your experience today with your vision for the future

Shamanic journeys


In this guided meditation you will be supported in cultivating access to your internal guidance. Whether you are interested in working on a particular issue, or simply in expanding your spiritual repertoire, you will be held in an energetically nourishing space to explore your inner landscape

Kirsty hosts shamanic journeys for individuals and groups across North America and Europe. For information on journeys in your area please get in touch and be sure to mention your location

Regular journeys are held in Victoria, BC on the last Thursday of each month

Workshops and Coaching


Current workshop offerings include:

  • Learning the language of your body: An introduction to shamanic practice
  • Learning the language of your body: Embracing wellness for people with chronic illness
  • Mapping the landscape within: A guide to expanding your shamanic practice

Kirsty provides a mentoring service offering individualized coaching for people as they actively embrace and move into new ways of being


As a settler based in Victoria BC, Kirsty humbly and gratefully acknowledges the people and ancestors of the First Nations of Vancouver Island for their grace in allowing her to live and work on their land. For information on special services for First Nations and Indigenous individuals and groups please get in touch

Kirsty is grateful to her clients for the trust they choose to place in her as they share this part of their life’s journey with her

Kirsty gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many teachers who have shared their time and wisdom with her


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Appointments are available in person and by phone



Kirsty's practice is located in the Horizon Group Wellness Centre

1175 Cook Street, Suite 228, Victoria, BC, V8V 4A1, Canada





Appointments may be available outside advertised hours, for more information please get in touch. For clients travelling from outside BC tailored hours are available